Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey and Ribs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know Scott and I did. I also ate way too much, but I suppose that's a good part in its own way. Scott and I flew to Arkansas on Wednesday, and when we got to our gate they announced that our flight was late, and called us up to the desk. Apparently it would be too late for us to be able to make our connecting flight, so the agent nicely arranged for us to get on a flight with a different carrier. It was an hour later, but a direct flight so we still got in around the same time. By the time we reclaimed our baggage re-checked it and got back through security we were just in time to hop on the plane. We were visiting my good friend Hannah and their new baby boy Oliver and his daddy Ryan. I was soooo excited to meet Oliver, and we soon discovered one of his little quirks, which was that he does not like riding in the car when it's dark. I managed to keep him occupied most of the way home. It was just so funny once we finally got there and took him out of the seat how his cries stopped abruptly. I can see why people would want to just forget about safety and hold their little ones, it's so tough to see him giving you a look that says "I know you can fix this so why don't you?" After that we got to know Oliver better and aside from that first instance of fussing he was one of the happiest most sweet babies I've ever known. He is just sooo handsome. He could definitely be a baby model, I got to use him as my model for Christmas pictures. We made an impromptu photo studio in the living room and he was very patient with alllll our pictures. The family cat even decided to pose in the background.

I'm getting ahead of myself a little. Hannah and I made Thanksgiving dinner, giving the boys fair warning that those who don't cook, clean. Hannah had an excellent spread with Turkey and stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes, and more! Scott pronounced the turkey some of the most moist and tender he'd ever tasted and everyone loved the green bean casserole so much that we had to make more the next day to go with the other left overs.
The day after Thanksgiving we avoided the stores and decorated the house for Christmas. Everyone helped "fluff" the fake tree. Those things are great when they come pre-lit. No worries that little babies will try to eat fallen needles. Hannah had a fun photo project where she took pictures chronicling her day with Oliver. I'll have to post a link to it on her blog when she puts it up. For now I stole a few of the pictures for my blog.
Saturday night, Ryan and Hannah took us out for some Arkansas barbeque. It was very tasty and Oliver was a good restaurant eater. He sat there very patiently until the very end when he let us know he didn't want to sit still anymore. Hannah picked him up and held him, which gave him the opportunity that I think he'd been waiting for the entire meal. His little arm reached back behind his head to Hannah's plate where she had some rib bones. He grabbed a bone bigger than his little head and got it to his mouth before anyone could stop him. LOL, it was so funny to see his little face smeared in barbeque sauce and of course his hands were covered too so everything got sauce on it. He seemed very pleased with himself.
We had a wonderful little trip and are now home safe. We can't thank Hannah, Ryan and Oliver enough for such a happy time. I can't wait to see Oliver again soon! I hope everyone else had a lovely Thanksgiving.


  1. Hurray! We had such a good time with you guys. Love you!

  2. Ohmigosh that is just the cutest baby ever. Hurry up and move here, Hannah, so I can babysit!

  3. ha ha Oliver is too Cute!! The BBQ was defenitely a "Sony" moment! (Photos anyone) Kids who sit still at a resturant are defenitely a Godsend!!


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