Saturday, February 18, 2012


I haven't posted on here in forever.  These days I'm pretty busy with school and work and keeping up with Sylvia's blog.  Here are a few fun photos from the past months.

We visited the ice castles in Silverthorne, CO.  The kiddos thought the best part was splashing in the melted parts, nevermind the awesome ice structures :)

I shared some love with Sylvia.  She's since found her own feet and pretty much won't let go. I don't think this photo would be possible these days.

Sylvia shared some love with everyone else.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Arriving With Flair

Announcing the arrival of our baby girl, Sylvia Luella Schafer.  Born at 3:43pm on October 1, 2011 which daddy notes is binary if you write it 10.01.11 and mom's glad is a memorable date because anyone who hasn't been called on their birthday knows, remembering dates is one of her weaknesses.  Sylvia weighed 6 lbs 15 oz.

For her one week birthday we're still hanging out at the hospital with her.  When she was born her cries were pretty gargly and she went downhill from there, so they had to rush her to the NICU and intubate her and do a good number of interventions to keep her going.   She was put on the oscillator (a high pressure ventilator) at first to help her out and kept sedated.  Through the week she's been a champ as we slowly wean her off all her medicine and oxygen and ventilation.  Now she's pretty much back to the healthy state we wish she'd started at.  The doctors don't really know what was wrong, their best guess was that it was an infection of some sort that then set off problems with heart and blood pressure etc.  The tests didn't ever show us what type of infection or confirm that theory, so we won't really know for certain it seems.  We're just happy to be able to hold her and snuggle her and take her home soon.

Sylvia with about a quarter of the gadgetry she started out with.

Family photo

Grandma and Grandpa

Only on oxygen with her "hood ornament" IV.

To add to her other troubles she had to be on the bili lights for a "regular baby problem" (jaundice.)

Beautiful flowers from the co-workers

Finally equipment free!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ode to Roommates

Every day I walk by a new little room in my house and smile inside and out.  While we were away in Mexico, Sarah and Corey were busy little bees, transforming a corner of the downstairs area outside our bedroom from bike storage to baby room.  A little piece of  me smiles to know that our little girl has a place for her in the outside world when she joins us.
So here's to you roommates, the wonderful people who make me happy to come home every evening.  Because whether it's a nice dinner, a whole new room or even just a hello instead of an empty house, I appreciate the fact that you're in my (our) lives.  Love you guys!

Also see below for the awesome work in progress from beginning to end.  ::Happy Sigh::

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sledding in Shorts

If you couldn't tell by the lack of posts, my picture a day for the year was not successful.  I didn't make it very far, but once I forgot to charge my camera battery it was all down hill.  As someone I know always likes to say, quantity not quality is what's important.  So for this year, we'll go with that.
We had a girls weekend in Las Cruces with my mom, sisters and aunt.  I was so excited to get to go to White Sands.  I've always wanted to go take photos there.  Unfortunately we didn't time it so that we got the really good sunset light, but we still had a lot of fun hanging out in the dunes and sledding in shorts.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Began

It got COLD at the beginning of February.  So cold that we could make snow instantly.  You have to know how to do it right though.  Sticking out your tongue doesn't help, and room temperature water doesn't work.
Warm tap water works a little better, you can see a few poofs in there, but there's water too.

If the water is boiling though, you get magic.  When you throw it into the air it whooshes into snow!
2/2/11 Yes that's a NEGATIVE sign before that number.
2/3/11 This is my coworker with life savers in his eyes... as eyes.  He's a fun guy, I really love the people I work with.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January Ends

I always feel like scenery shots are a cop out for picture of the day, but here's a lonely little dried up flower in our garden. Sometimes I like the dried up flowers as much as real ones.

We produced a welcome video for work.  I love watching people try to "act natural" while they're on camera.  That evening I made steamed pork dumplings.  They're very tasty, but it does take a little while to fold each one. Plus our steamer isn't big enough to hold them all so we have to do a few rounds.


Super Weekend

2/4/11 Icicles because it's cold.
2/5/11 The night before super-bowl and all through the house not a creature was stirring because there was no room, we had it so packed with food and drinks.
Shopping in the snow gives you dandruff or makes you go grey.
This is what the store looks like the day before super-bowl sunday. So packed it was almost impossible to even get in line.
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Recap Defined

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