Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January Ends

I always feel like scenery shots are a cop out for picture of the day, but here's a lonely little dried up flower in our garden. Sometimes I like the dried up flowers as much as real ones.

We produced a welcome video for work.  I love watching people try to "act natural" while they're on camera.  That evening I made steamed pork dumplings.  They're very tasty, but it does take a little while to fold each one. Plus our steamer isn't big enough to hold them all so we have to do a few rounds.



  1. Eh, sometimes scenery can be nice. I don't think it's a cop out. Now pics of my kids sleeping or my feet in bed. That's a cop out.

  2. Whatever, I always smile this much and nervously glance over my shoulder, I even, HEY! candy is for the customers, put that back! I mean, uh, I enjoy contributing to the obesity epidemic by leaving a bowl of chocolates, cookies, and gummies out for everyone? Can we take 5 and re-shoot this? Please?!

  3. We made dumplings in China and the Chinese lady said I did a real goo job, must run in the family.


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