Monday, May 30, 2011

Ode to Roommates

Every day I walk by a new little room in my house and smile inside and out.  While we were away in Mexico, Sarah and Corey were busy little bees, transforming a corner of the downstairs area outside our bedroom from bike storage to baby room.  A little piece of  me smiles to know that our little girl has a place for her in the outside world when she joins us.
So here's to you roommates, the wonderful people who make me happy to come home every evening.  Because whether it's a nice dinner, a whole new room or even just a hello instead of an empty house, I appreciate the fact that you're in my (our) lives.  Love you guys!

Also see below for the awesome work in progress from beginning to end.  ::Happy Sigh::


  1. It's a girl?! Congratulations!

    Also, YouTube thought the next video I should watch was Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris.

    I disagree. A LOT.

  2. I agree, happy sigh. I am jealous that I have to be so far away and that I don't have super cool roomies like you do.

    So can I take over your comment section with a funny kid story? Yes? Ok.

    Oliver was asking why I was mailing a baby thing to you last week and I told him because you were going to have a little girl. He wanted to know what her name was, and I told him I didn't know. His suggestion...Dolly. You know, like toy story 3. So then he was looking at your pic on Facebook and he has decided that you are not, in fact, pregnant, because your belly isn't big and a baby couldn't possibly fit in there with all the food.


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