Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sledding in Shorts

If you couldn't tell by the lack of posts, my picture a day for the year was not successful.  I didn't make it very far, but once I forgot to charge my camera battery it was all down hill.  As someone I know always likes to say, quantity not quality is what's important.  So for this year, we'll go with that.
We had a girls weekend in Las Cruces with my mom, sisters and aunt.  I was so excited to get to go to White Sands.  I've always wanted to go take photos there.  Unfortunately we didn't time it so that we got the really good sunset light, but we still had a lot of fun hanging out in the dunes and sledding in shorts.


  1. So thought y'all were out in the snow without shoes, thank goodness for literacy. Is it getting green in Denver yet? I need something to motivate me.

    Oh - and only Michael Scott says quantity over quality (see: Pizza by Alfredo).

  2. So, I was thinking that I am excited to live closer to you so that, among other reasons, you can teach me how to take good HDR photos. I'm really bad at it.


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