Thursday, January 31, 2008

Young Frankenstein

(photo courtesy the show's website)
I was lucky enough to get invited to a work function that involved an open bar, dinner and a ticket to the broadway show, Young Frankenstein. I'd never seen the movie so I don't have much to compare it to, but I wasn't terribly impressed. Megan Mullaly was in it which was pretty entertaining. She's the actress who plays Karen on Will and Grace. I went in with low expectations and it did exceed those, but it wasn't on the high side of shows I've seen in New York, though I can count them on one hand. Here's the list in order of my preference:
Mary Poppins
Avenue Q
Phantom of the Opera
Young Frankenstein
The Lion King
Mary Poppins was pretty magical, Avenue Q was hilarious, the Phantom of the Opera was good, Young Frankenstein was entertaining enough. Now everyone seems to have absolutely loved the Lion King, but I didn't. Maybe it was just the performance I went to, but I felt like the actors were bored with what they were doing, there wasn't any oomph or passion to it. The costumes were of course great, but that's my opinion just in case you're coming for a show and want to know. I've also seen Blue Man Group which was great! though very different from a Broadway show. I highly recommend it if theater song and dance isn't your style.


  1. What supercool person did you go see Blue Man Group with?? Was it someone so cool that the two of you got invited to participate in the show??

  2. The person I saw the Blue Man Group with was cooler than cool. They were Ice Cold! And yes, we did get to participate in the show because the person who I went with was such a stunning beauty that the crew just couldn't resist.

  3. Avenue Q
    Blue Man Group
    Lion King

  4. Walmartopia doesn't even merit a place on my list. It was so bad I don't think it would even make it on my list of worst plays ever, it's lower than that.


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