Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowling

The weekend was a good one. Saturday I babysat for two cute kids. One was four and one was two. The little one decided that he wanted to get into all the kitchen cabinets and chose the tools drawer. As a second choice he went for the plastic water bottles which I was ok with. Of course his next stop was the bathroom where he promptly filled his waterbottle from the toilet. Fun times!
From Superbowl 2008
From Superbowl 2008
From Superbowl 2008
Sunday we drove up to the top of Manhattan to join a soccer friend for the SuperBowl. We got there a little early so Scott and I wandered over to the park to take some pictures. I must admit I may have gotten there early just for that purpose. We joined our friends for some Wii sports.
From Superbowl 2008
I can do bowling pretty well and Scott and I went 1 for 1 at boxing, but tennis isn't my Wii sport. Anyway, our friends had two tv's set up in separate rooms, so when the group split up we noticed that one television had a delay of about 30 seconds. So we'd hear cheering from the other room and then have to wait anouther 30 seconds to see why and cheer ourselves. It was especially fun since the Giants won and we're in New York.
From Superbowl 2008
I don't particularly care about the team, but it is infectious when you go out in the street and hear everyone whooping and shouting. I wish I could make the ticker-tape parade tomorrow. I think that would be a neat thing to see, but it's all the way downtown and I've got work.

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