Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Brunch

We had a wonderful birthday brunch on Saturday. About 17 of us made it out to Essex for a fairly early brunch. Yes 11:30 is early for brunch in NYC.
From Birthday Brunch
From Birthday Brunch
I had a tasty eggs benedict and Scott had some eggs and salmon along with unimited mimosas. Very tasty. Sky and Anna brought us some very sweet birthday presents by bringing a couple of disposable cameras for the table to take pictures with. They also provided cupcakes with candles. Afterwards we made our way to Sky and Anna's place for some SingStar and sushi dinner. I'm pretty sure all we did all day was eat.
From Birthday Brunch
From Birthday Brunch

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  1. I am planning to have a birthday brunch on my sister’s birthday. Going to book one of NYC venues for it. Will have her favorite food and floral décor for the day. Will take some beautiful ideas from internet to décor venues for a grand themed birthday party.


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