Monday, May 19, 2008

BBBS Race for the Kids

I have signed up to be the fundraiser for my team in Big Brothers Big Sisters Race for the Kids. Race for the Kids is a day that celebrates the Power of mentoring and the importance of health, exercise and play by empowering all participants to change the lives of our City’s young people!
I have been working with my little, Shaniqua for almost 3 years now. The organization really makes a difference in her life and for many other kids. If you'd like to support children who probably don't have nearly as much as you, visit my fundraising page to donate! My little has experienced some tough things in life and it amazes me that she can keep such a positive attitude and keep going through it all. Making a tax-deductible donation online makes supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City Race for the Kids quick and easy.

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