Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Lens

From May New Lens

So I saved up my babysitting money and finally decided to buy myself a beercan. Haha this beercan is probably more expensive than most since it's actually a lens. It's the nickname for the 70-200mm f4 Minolta lens that they made back in the day. The good thing about my Sony Alpha is that I can use all the old Minolta lenses. I can buy them used which makes it even better. Quite a few people recommended this lens as a solid choice and it's very solid. I don't know how I'll lug it around, but I love it. I can see my camera bag getting a little heavier as time goes on. My next goal is to buy a flash. I'm excited for this longer lens because I have my sister's graduation coming up, where I know I'll be out in the bleachers. So if I want to get a shot I'll have to zoom all the way in. I'm also super excited for my trip to Alaska with all my college roommates. I anticipate a few animal sightings where I will not want to get up close and personal. Bald Eagles, and Moose and Bears oh my! Anyway, i'm still learning my way around this lens, but I can't wait to get some more use out of it. I think I need to take a hike, literally. It's getting a little warmer out so now would be a good time to go before it gets humid and sticky. I thought this dandelion head was funny looking, since all the little puffy parts fell of before the seeds did.
From May New Lens

My house is an old one with some of the original hardware on the doorknobs. it's pretty neat. The cat is one of the wild ones that lives and poops in the backyard. Scott and I are plotting a supersoaker campaign against them. The neighbor lady has called the pound, but they're too quick for the cat catcher.
From May New Lens

From May New Lens


  1. Yeah, we've gone through several kitty stages.

    Year 1: "Oh, look there's little kittens!"

    Year 2: "man those kittens sure grew up"

    Year 3: "All this cat poop really smells bad"

  2. Hooray new lens!! I'm really jonesin' for a camera...I need to decide what I want!


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