Monday, June 9, 2008

One Year

Last Sunday marked one year of marriage for Scott and I. Thank you to everyone who wished us well. It's been a wonderful year and we agreed that we can't wait to share many more. As a special treat for our Anniversary, Scott and I saved the gift from his Best Man and went on a wine tasting sail in the harbor. We got there half an hour early, as instructed and saw that they were still prepping the ship, so we waited on a bench nearby. As we watched we saw one of the crew bring up a tray of fruit and proceed to eat from it and pick his teeth then casually paw through it some more. Perturbed Scott and I discussed the possibility that this was going to be offered to us on our sail. As we watched him get more and more friendly with the fruit tray, we were happy to see him pick it up and throw out the rest. Apparently those were just the leftovers from the brunch sail. We finally boarded the "ShearWater" and plopped down, ready to head out to see to escape the 90 degree and humid heat.
From 1st Anniversary
It was nice sailing out into the harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, and it was definitely cooler out there. We laughed as someone started to play the saxaphone who looked vaguely familiar. Ah yes, that is the shirtless gentleman who biked up to the lady sitting next to us on the bench while we waited. There she was painting her fingernails on the shore and he walked up and said "I thought this was a topless cruise." I was worried for a moment that he was one of New York's crazy bums who sometimes harass young women, but she seemed to take it in stride and laughed it off like she knew him. How lovely that he could be on our cruise to play some mediocre saxaphone songs for us. My vote for best music was the group of ladies next to us who asked for more wine and started singing some sailling song. Scott and I didn't ask for more wine, because while I'm not a wine snob, I didn't think the wine was all that great. I'd say it was one of those "quality" $7 bottles. I wish they had served two buck Chuck, aka Charles Shaw, that is a fine value. The lady who was our wine person came around with four varieties and very nicely told us all about the wine by reading off the label. Then as we finished nodding she kind of lapsed into an awkward silence as we both turned to take a drink of the wine and she would move on. They were quite thrifty on this ship, since the two whites and two reds were all served in the same plastic cup. I was glad that they served the whites first because if it was the other way around we'd have ended up with a Rose instead of just a nice quadruple mixed wine. As I said. We enjoyed ourselves and laughed at the fact that what we thought was going to be an expensive fancy event turned into a sort of "you get what you pay for" lesson that in New York if you're not bankrupt or a shmashmillionaire you shouldn't expect things to be too fine. Really it was just my style and although the boat was rocking and it was windy, we didn't spill any red wine on our white shirts, Cheers!
From 1st Anniversary


  1. Congratumalations on the three hundred sixty-five and one quarter day mark! At least you had an...entertaining? time on the water.

    And if I may offer a suggestion; become a wine snob. I hear they're great at parties and have lots of powerful friends.

  2. I thought it wasn't until your 40th year of marriage that you start dressing like each other... Pretty soon you'll both be sporting crocheted sweaters with winter scenes on them in bright reds and blues.

    Good thing you'll both find a way to make them look cute.


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