Sunday, August 10, 2008

Picture Practice

I forget if I mentioned my plan to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am going to donate my photography services in exchange for donations. So I decided to get some practice in before I actually made people pay. Here are some practice shots. My neighbors were great to let me use their kid for a bit.
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  1. RiCap: I would love to have you contact me regarding your photography and your generous offer to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters. At the National office of Big Brothers Big Sisters we are always looking for photos of our Bigs and Littles doing fun things--so I'd love to connect with you. put RiCap in your subject so I will know it is you. Thanks, k

  2. I want to hire you to take pictures of my future children. Are you available in a couple years?

  3. too cute! love the colors! I finally found your email and I sent some stuff over to you. I hope it helps. :-)


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