Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Killer Mosquito

It's been cool around here lately, so I thought that all the mosquitos had gone away. Just when you think you're safe a killer mosquito escapes from his wintery prison and comes after you with the hunger of a bear just out of hibernation. Seriously these mosquitos love me. Well all mosquitos love to eat me. Last night I got bitten 5 times just sitting at my computer. I was certain that I would be drained of all blood before I managed to kill it. I didn't have any doors open and we're on the second floor so I don't know how it got in. I hate the bite between my toes the most. All the bites collectively started itching furiously at about the same time tonight. Of course I had my hands full with two little girls that I was babysitting. I had to learn all about the secret maze in Central Park that had a secret elevator and a secret fairy world that the elevator took you to after you made the troll gaurding the entrance laugh by tickling him. So adorable, but not as adorable when they're too excited telling you their story to finish their dinner. They also love to play hide and go seek. except their idea of hiding is usually to go around a corner and then to race out and let you find them. Though I must admit I did get startled when one of them hid a ways back in the closet and jumped out at me yelling while flicking the lights. They thought it was hilarious.... I did too. Fun times.

1 comment:

  1. This is what happens when I'm not around to chase the mosquitoes around the house


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