Monday, September 1, 2008


If I asked you to guess what the largest parade in New York City was, I'm not sure you would guess correctly. It's the West Indian American Carnival Parade. Quite the mouthful, but it's well represented since Jamaicans, Barabadans, Trinidadians, Guianans etc. are all included. Though I'm not sure that is what those countries call their citizens. Perhaps it should be Barbabadosos and Trinis. Anyway, it's a very colorful parade where thousands of people get together into their own "mas" groups and select themes and make costumes then dance together in the parade. Some of these costumes are so elaborate that I can't imagine having to cart them the whole length of the parade. I did see a lot of girls with their headdresses off. Most people just came and watched and represented their country however they could, whether it was skirts in the color of their flag or even wearing their flag as a skirt. There was alot of national pride. I commented to Scott that I think the US is probably one of the few places where you'd see a parade celebrating another country. Sometimes I'm proud of our nation. Oh and there was a lot of really good food. Jerk Chicken is so delicous and spicy and the smell of it being barbequed was definitely in the air.
From WIA Parade


  1. Those costumes are awesome. We need some like those for when we go to Rio.

  2. I agree, only ours will be even more fantastic! Does Corey want to join?


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