Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't you get ESP...N?

I'm always surprised when I finally get around to updating my blog. See I write blog posts in my head all the time. So when I finally get the time and a computer in front of me and I see some old post that was way before the one about sushi class, and deaths in the family and holes in people and birthday presents and paper extensions and well, you get the point. If you could just read my mind, this would be updated a lot more frequently. I thought maybe twitter would help, but I can't text twits because I don't pay for texting on my phone. Yup that's right folks, every time you show me the love and send me a text I rack up a 15 cent charge. Only Scott pays for texts. Maybe I should have asked for textability for my birthday. I did get it in a way. I am typing on my very own brand new shiny blue tooth keyboard. So nice. I even have a mouse to go with it. Sooooo much better for using in photoshop. Thanks Scott!


  1. You just talked yourself out of a 'hb' text and right into a phone call. You should carry around a tape recorder or small notepad to take notes. I started doing that - just writing down a few words helps me remember my train of thought and really jump starts the whole writing process. It's even helped with schoolwork. I hope everything is ok in the family =\

    Don't start tweeting. Just. Don't.

  2. Hey! I posted here earlier! Where did it go? Now I don't even remember what I said. Dang. I think it was something about already knowing all of that without needing blog posts and how that must make me superior in some way.

  3. Timestamps tell the tale of superiority thankyouverymuch.

  4. Timestamps, shmimestamps. I know about the new hole in Lauren's foot and how she got an extension on her theory paper and I didn't need a blog to know it. I'm saying THAT makes me superior.

  5. Grr, it just lost my comment too. I said "Sarah, does that mean you get ESP...N? You also know about my uncle who died who did so much crack that he probably didn't want to live anymore."

  6. Yes, I knew about that too, but was looking for a more delicate way to state it than you just did. Glad you did it for me.

  7. Dammit, I never get any RiPoints =\

  8. I don't have ESP...N, I'm just the one who tells you all the news. Plus I get to see you soon so I really won't have to be telepathic. I also convinced Aunt Luella and Erin that your birthday was on Monday and not Tuesday. You should see there new house, it's great and their electricity bill is -$8. See you tomorrow!!!!


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