Sunday, June 28, 2009



First I have to congratulate my "Little" which is what the people we mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters are know as. She graduated from High School on Friday and I was able to go watch and act like a proud mom. I even got to wave at her from the stands and she gave me that embarassed, 'why are you acting like that?' look. It was great to know that after four years together she gets to go out into the world and even go to college! I am in fundraising mode again for the Race for the Kids. You'll all be getting those wonderful soliciting e-mails soon!

Patterns, there have been some interesting ones lately. Friday I was headed to our soccer game, though Scott could only watch with all his injuries. We thought it might get rained out, but instead the clouds turned this crazy pattern and stopped raining. I've never seen anything like it before, they looked like someone had given a three year old kid a bingo marker and the kid had stamped it all over the sky in the form of clouds. On the soccer field I played defense and stopped a few balls with my legs. I also did a really great move where I threw a ball in and the momentum plus the wet field made me slip and fall forward. I felt oh so graceful. Later I noticed a nice little ball pattern along with the bruises and some turf burn on my knee. Quite lovely for summer skirt weather. Turf is not nearly as forgiving as real grass. As we were leaving the game a fire truck was blaring and pulled straight up to the corner we happened to be standing on. Apparently they were headed for a guy who was standing on the same corner. This is becoming an unfortunate pattern, since just this Tuesday we were in a coffee shop when the fire alarm went off and the firemen along with three fire trucks showed up. I don't think there was actually a fire.

I also saw the cab that we were in last week that when it crunched into another cab. Apparently the way you fix your bumper is just to tape it up with packing tape. I'd have gone for duct tape, but I this probably looks better. I didn't manage to grab a picture of that. So sorry.


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  1. FYI - I found out that the type of clouds I saw are termed Mammatus clouds.

  2. Mammatus sounds/looks like mammary. You saw boob clouds!! That is awesome.

    Congrats to Shaniqua!

  3. I'm going to need you to deviate from the pattern a little bit. When I come to town, I perfer that Scott won't have to go to the hospital, we won't have a nice time ruined by the appearance of the fire department, or the getting hit by cars.

    So if you could just do that, it'd be great.

  4. Aww you ruined my chance to swoop in a week later with my (nearly) encyclopedic knowledge of clouds. We used to get mammatus formations during tornado season in the WI. They were always spooky to see because you knew a _big_ storm was rolling in. Hopefully your summer is a little less accident prone than your spring was!


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