Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creepy Old House on 44th Ave in Wheat Ridge

Sarah introduced me to this wondrous act of nature. This huge tree fell on this house about a year ago in a big storm. The scale of it all is just so impressive. I don't think this tree could have smashed the house more if it had been planned. It gives you the creeps a little. I may have climbed a fence to get some photos while Scott and Sarah acted as lookouts like good friends do. But what's a little trespassing in the name of a really awesome picture? At one point I thought I saw the curtains flutter in the windows and that was enough to make me jump. Some horror movie should be filmed here. Funny, it's right on a busy road off the Interstate, but it looks so rural.

From Fallen Tree

From Fallen Tree

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  1. The bottom one looks like the set of Wizard of Oz or something, great pictures as always Ri!


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