Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Look

I'm working on changing up the look of the blog. It's a work in progress so if you have to do some funny scrolling for awhile. I apologize. Eventually things will get better. The ultimate goal is to have this hooked up through my photography website and to make it so pictures can be extra large! I'll have to brush up on my coding skills before that all gets done though. Saw a lovely rainbow at our house yesterday.


  1. I am glad you got the fancy pants camera. A photographer as good as you deserves the best equipment.

  2. But I am a little bit sad I have to scroll to the bottom to read your nifty "ricap" definitions. I liked that. Other than that it looks great.


Recap Defined

ri•cap 1 (rē-kāp') Pronunciation Key tr.v. ri•capped, ri•cap•ping, ri•caps
1. a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion
2. To replace a cap or caplike covering on: recapped the camera lens.
3. Ri - a female given name: derived from Adrienne.