Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wedding 6/8/07

I recently got married on June 8th to Scott Schafer. I think my name is going to be Adrienne Schafer now instead of Adrienne Aragon, though it's really tough to give up my old name. I love the accent on the "o" in Aragon. Plus, there is the movie Eragon and the character in Lord of the Rings: Aragorn, all in all Aragon was a cool name. I think it will be my new middle name since I never really cared one way or another for Jean, my previous middle name. So now I am Mrs. Schafer.

My maid of honor (Sarah Mapes) put together a wonderful bachelorette party for me. All my good girlfriends from AZ joined in. We went to the Big Bang and had a great time going up on stage with the dueling pianists. The Girls Gone Wild bus tried to lure us in but we were too good for them.

I thought the wedding was very nice. The ceremony was outside at a place called Harvest Groves. Now this place can be tricky to find for some since it's on an Avenue and not on a Street. For those who don't know better they might just go to the Street address and miss your wedding ceremony entirely like my grandmother and her sisters and their husbands. Also, when your father walks in as you're anxiously waiting to walk to the alter and he says "well I hope they weren't in an accident" that really doesn't help a bride be calm cool and collected. Sarah did an excellent job of distracting me for the extra half hour that we waited for them never to show up. I do remember being happy to finally walk down the aisle, but I still had in my head at that point that perhaps some of my guests were lying on the road somewhere. Not a totally happy thought. When a helicopter flew overhead in the middle of the ceremony we all paused and looked up. I checked to see if it was the medivac helicopter. Thankfullly it wasn't, and when we called the hotel to tell them we'd be late they let us know that our guests were there safe and sound. Apparently grandma forgot to charge the phone that day, oh well. All's well that ends well. It was really nice to be able to have all our close friends and family there. It was very small 49 people to be exact. After it was all over Scott, the wedding party and I all hopped in the hotel fountain. Well, for Lucas and Sarah it was more of a plunge into the fountain, during which Lucas lost his glasses. I wonder if those will ever get back to him. We told the hotel where to send them if they ever found them in the drain.


  1. Hurray for Mrs Adrienne Aragon Schafer!! I looked at all your photos and you had a beautiful wedding. I am so happy for you!

  2. Adrienne you were such a beautiful bride! Congrats to you and Scotty.


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