Monday, July 23, 2007


It rained today. All day long. I have more to say, but I finally have the new Harry Potter book after a long and vicious struggle with UPS. I also got a parking ticket. I'm now a parking ticket teenager I've gotten so many. I'll have to recount all my trials and tribulations later though, my book calls!


  1. LUCKY!! My book is waiting for me in Holland. Not much foresight on my part, I could have gotten it and read it on the plane but I wanted a british edition! Anyway I am commenting to let you know that I read your blog so often I even read it while at the airport... the chicago airport that is. During my 5 hour layover. And since I needed some entertainment I turn to Adrienne's blog to provide it!

  2. my mom says she didn't see melissa or casey for all of saturday after they picked up their HP books at midnight. she said she still hasn't seen my dad, since he's a slower reader.


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