Sunday, July 22, 2007

All Star Game 7/10/07

It was a night for an all star lineup, on the other side of the country MLB allstars were lining up while in the City, the hot muggy weather may have been a deterrent to some, but for the all stars of the Sony Wonders nothing could keep them away from the Central Park ball field. This rough and tumble team has had a rocky season, with at least 4 games cancelled due to rain, heat or pesticide. They were raring and ready to go. Thankfully one of their best players was back from an extended time-out in Vietnam and the team was ready to bring home a big "W." Adrienne slugger Schafer stopped every ball that came her way in short field, a new position replacing her regular position at second base. With two mean arms backing her up in the outfield the Wonders were on their way to certain victory at the top of the 7th with 2 outs and up by 4 runs at with a lead of 9-5 over The Headliners. Suddenly a long ball was hit deep into far left field. Cries of "foul" "foul ball!" echoed across the field, as the outfielder aka Big Mike T. drifted back back back but not far enough in time to catch the long ball. Sadly, Big Mike T. had somehow hit a sour note with the ump, and with a gleam in his eye he stared down the invisible hilly and tree obstructed line to call the ball fair. This is a man who shook his head when Big Mike T. was up at bat and was forced to call a crazy wide ball as a ball, and gloated at the chance to call a strike at something that no sane man would have swung at. He had it in for our outfielder, so we had no chance when the other team's man rounded the bases for home. Bases were loaded and all we needed was one more out to cinch the game, but yet another wide left ball heads to the outfield. We know we have no chance, but struggle valiantly to get the ball home. One last run manages to make it home before we can get the third out. The score is 9-11 at the bottom of the 7th inning. All the Sony Wonders need is a couple of run to send the game into overtime. The Sony Wonders managed to send one man running home with the score at 10-11, you could feel the tension in the air. Adrienne Slugger Schafer stepped up to bat. Ball 1... Ball 2... Strike 1... It's a hit out towards the second baseman. Schafer sprinted towards first knowing that she didn't want to become the second out for the team. The ball sped towards first base and Schafer saw it hit the glove of the first baseman a second before she could get there. But she didn't give up and ran through the base anyway, as the first baseman fumbled the ball. She was safe at first! With every toss the pitcher made Schafer ran halfway to second base, ball one.. strike 1.... ball 2.... distracted for half a second, Schafer realized the ball has been hit and she isn't halfway to second. Desperate to make it she slides like a pro, but doesn't make it in time. She's out for the game, and with a man on third waiting to come home the final out is made at the plate. The Wonders suffered an excruciating 10-11 defeat.


  1. A heart-breaking loss! But oh, what a story. One to tell the grandchildren someday.

    On another note, why didn't I get a notification that this had been posted? Did I do something wrong in the sign up thing? Do I just not understand how the notification thingy works? Tech support?! Help!!

  2. I have decided that Rmail is dumb. I got an e-mail from them eventually about this post, but I'm not sure why it didn't e-mail you. I think Blogarithm is actually better. I'll add that also, maybe instead. I don't know. It's dumb that I can't just make it work.


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