Monday, July 16, 2007

Yankees Game 7/2/07

A friend from work, Derek Costas, is getting married in September. He also works like crazy and stays late a lot. This means that his free time is very limited so he graciously offered Scott and I Yankees tickets that he had but couldn't use. So Monday evening Scott and I grabbed dinner and hopped on the train to Yankee's stadium. I'm not a Yankee's fan or a Yankee's hater. I'm not even that big of a baseball fan really. I just enjoy going to games and watching the people and the experience of it all. I actually do like baseball when it's live. Scott and I got some snacks to carry into the game and had them hidden in both our bags, but we got stopped entering the stadium. Apparently men aren't allowed to carry bags in. Only women are. Talk about inequality eh? We were told we'd have to go across the street to the bowling lanes and rent a locker for his bag. So we walked away, acting as if we were being obedient, and then went behind a planter where we promptly stuffed Scott's bag into mine. It was a tight fit, but since I just came from work, I have my big black, I don't drive a car so I carry this bag around, bag. It worked out just fine, we walked in with a bag of bags, snacks and all. Scott was surprised at how clever his wife could be. I'm really just good at being sneaky, don't tell :) So we got some hot dogs, since that's something you have to do, and shelled peanuts too. Our seats were at the very last top row, row X, so we got some good exercise. Baseball stadium stairs always make me feel like I'm going to fall down them. They're just so steep. It was actually a decent game since it was tied for awhile and A-Rod ran into the first baseman and injured himself, making everyone oh so concerned that he couldn't make it for the All-Star game. Is it wrong that I like to watch sports injuries happen? The Yankees won, which was a surprise since they hadn't been doing too well. I dedicated the game to my Monica, our friend from Hong Kong, from Minnesota since that's who the Yankees played against. We got on the train and went home with no further excitement. I took a picture with my cell phone since I didn't have a real camera with me, so that's why it's all pixelated.


  1. Watching him get hurt was your favorite part of the game huh? I thought the home run in the 7th inning was pretty sweet myself.

  2. I didn't even remember the home run.

  3. yeah not so into baseball myself...


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