Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Righteous and The Wicked 7/7/07

July 4th
We did almost nothing on July 4th; I don’t think we even left the house.

July 7th
Scott loves this group called the Danger. They are a very artsy, edgy, Brooklyn type group. Their main purpose as far as I can tell is to create large parties or gatherings that bring together different artists and people to enjoy them. By artists I mean a wide variety of folks from DJs to face painters. There are two main guys who put on the parties. Once when we helped set up for one of them I saw a huge 7 foot tall monster in one of their rooms. Apparently he makes puppets for a living. He did work on the Broadway show Avenue Q which has puppets and which Scott and I loved. Anyway this party was in Manhattan for a change (they're usually in Brooklyn) at an old night club. The theme for the evening was “The Righteous and The Wicked,” so basically Angels and Demons. I decided to be wicked since when I looked in my drawers I happened to have some deliciously wicked clothes given to me at the bachelorette party. Thanks Ms. Lauren Resnick! I even wore the lovely sparkly bracelet that I got at the same time as the corset since I felt like it did a good job of symbolizing greed. It just seemed to go with my theme of wicked. I had to try for all the 7 deadly sins. I definitely got most of them in. Can you even name them all? I feel like they’re the 7 dwarves, too difficult to name them all at once. Anyway, we met up with Eric Bryant who came dressed in an awesome shirt he’d made himself. Well, the shirt was already made, but he decorated it. It was a white shirt that he’d taken a sharpie to, and written all kinds of neat random words and phrases on. Eric is working on becoming a writer so he’s got a lot of great original material. Inside they had free drinks for the first hour. They also had a camera set up with a projector that was projecting images onto a sheet that they’d draped at the top of the stairs. This was a “portrait party” put on by a guy named Devin and also Jeremy Nelson. It was great fun to have your portrait taken and to see everyone else posing for the camera. It’s amazing what people will do when they are in front of a camera. Then you got to wait anxiously to see if they’d post it up on the big screen and how they’d crop it when they did. You can see in my slideshow the picture of Scott is very cropped. But in the picture they posted on the internet it’s not as cropped. There were acapella singers, I forget what they were singing about, but it was something totally ridiculous. I remember laughing at the lyrics. It reminded me of Phoebe’s songs in the TV show Friends; it was something along the lines of “Smelly Cat.” There was a DJ with a dance floor where we all danced for awhile and I had to take a break from dancing to watch Scott prance in front of a mirror. I’m glad he took ballet in college, he’s much better at the prancing these days. There was a face painter there who painted your face for free, so I waited in line and had some lovely face paint done. He was very happy with the way it turned out, and I liked it too. Sometimes it’s fun to have a sort of mask on. Then everyone looks at you but they can’t see you. I think that’s what I like about performing in theater also. You get the attention, but you don’t have to be scrutinized personally, you’re just playing a character. There was supposed to be something amazing that happened at 3:00, but that was too far away for us, so we decided to head home. To give credit where credit is due. All the pictures that are posted in this posting were taken by the photographer at the party, I listed their website above. The slideshow are all my pictures. I just didn't want you all thinking that I'd suddenly become some sort of real photographer.

And the slideshow...


  1. Yeah Eric's shirt was pretty amazing. It took him hours to make it.

  2. Is it even worth blogging anymore? You and I experienced everything and I think we're the only ones who read this.

  3. I READ IT!!!!Keep blogging!!!

  4. oooo-la-la!

    So I finally made it to your blog and I LOVE IT! DEFINITELY KEEP BLOGGING!!!! I'm the one to talk, I'm horrible at keeping up with our blog. You never realize how many people will hit your blog, I don't know what it is, but people just don't comment sometimes. EXCEPT YOU! I appreciate all your comments!!!! :o)


  5. Just saying HI ;) did it work?

  6. Hello to you too! If you're asking about the analytics, I can't get data until the next day. So far no Arkansas, but someone in Louisiana looked.

  7. i read it too! i'm apparently just slower. i need a "a new blog has been posted" notice.

  8. i guess actually it's not a new blog, but maybe a new blog entry. i'll go with that. where can i get one of those?

  9. ha ha Wicked sick!!! We love and can't wait to come out to NY and Hang out!!!


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