Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Everyday--from another view

Hehe Adrienne gives out these privileges too freely, you never know what Sarah, Scott and I could do!

So...I saw something unusual masquerading as the mundane, and it made me think of the blog post that I read just this morning. On a construction site was a gigantic bowl of flowers. Suspended on a crane type thing was a bowl made of peat with live flowers planted in the gaps. They were just breaking ground so this was in an essentially empty field but no one else driving by seemed to give it a second thought, whereas I made my mother pull the car over so I could take a picture for Adrienne's blog.

Adrienne was talking about seeing things as a child does. Now that I have a child I think I take more time to try and see the world through his eyes. What would it be like if EVERYTHING was new. Imagine never having seen your own hand, where each small movement is amazing and where each sensation is exciting. We walk around the house touching different things, a soft pashmina, the mosquito net over the bed, and we show him the beautiful baby in the mirror and hey! mommy is in the mirror too! I can only imagine how exciting each day must be because each day brings a new experience. As adults we have already seen and done these things so many times that they have lost their ability to thrill us. Someday Oliver won't laugh at me when I take my glasses off, or when I put his hand under warm running water. Someday he'll know that he is the boy in the mirror, and it's only use will be to brush his teeth or fix his hair. I am sad to know he'll loose that innocence but I'm happy to show him all the beautiful things in the world, and it helps me to see them all over again.

Well now I have contributed my thoughts, I promise not to hijack this blog too frequently since I technically have my own. I love you Adrienne! Good luck on Thursday!


  1. I love it! I'm so proud that you took time out of your drive to contribute to my blog. That picture is great and the contraption is crazy. I always love hearing about Oliver too!

  2. Oliver sounds reviving! Its fascinating to watch a child's fascination with the world. Be a photographer I guarantee you'll see the world differently everytime! You'll begin to discover things you've forgotten and things you never knew existed! Become an artist its the best way to teach your child how to keep reliving his experiences!

  3. you two obviously have way more blogging experience than me. and so insightful! i think i'm going to leave the blogging to the professionals. except when i need to contribute pictures :).

  4. no no Sarah, I love your writing! You're always so witty. I miss the days in Camp Sparky when I got to read your e-mails, they were so fun.

  5. write Sarah! You can only get the blogging experience by writing!

  6. I do enjoy photography although lately I have had a singular subject, although a very good one. It is always interesting to see the world though a camera lens, something Adrienne has always been good at.


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