Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So I figured you all needed a peek into the small things in Adrienne's life. Things like strawberries strewn in the street. I think that's one of my favorite thing about the city, about any city really. I just like to go around noticing things that not everyone takes the time to notice. I once saw an episode of 60 Minutes or Dateline or some such show, and it was about a class at Harvard or Stanford or some such school. The point is that the show was about a class that a professor gave in noticing things. I think maybe it was supposed to be critical thinking skills. But it really emphasized noticing things, such as the arrow in the white space on the Fed Ex logo. Something that's always there, but until you take the time to look and or wonder, you never see it. Ever since I saw that show I've made it a point to walk around seeing things. I couldn't believe I'd never seen that stupid arrow. I figure if I walk around seeing things I might as well share. When I've got a camera around I tend to take pictures of these things and people of course give me strange looks, with good reason. It also makes them look at what I'm looking at, but I think it stays a mystery to them. It's like that time in the movie Blast From the Past, and Brendan Frasier is looking up and smiling, and the people ask him "What is it!?" He says "The Sky!" The adults just look at him funny and the kid says "I see it Mommy." It makes me laugh at apparently nothing a lot too. Maybe if I show you my world, you'll understand my Adrienne-ness.
I love kids. I love the way they see the world. It's so simple. Not simple in the "I'm a simple kind of guy" way or the simple like Forrest Gump way, just simple as in they title their claymations "The Wonderful Boat of Things." It makes me smile. Especially since their wonderful boat is a paper origami boat, and the wonderful things are cookie cutter shapes made out of clay. Nothing I'd label wonderful, but perhaps they were being more smooth and recognized that they were in the Sony Wonder Technology Lab.
I have a bad habit of laughing at things that seem quirky to me. Thing like three people sitting in a row. Nothing so funny about that, but along with all the cluttered space filled with things like old ribbons from presents past, a museum exhibit chair filled with Elmo DVDs, half a dozen speakers scattered about, some dish washing soap, you get the picture, literally :)
Enough with the philosophizing. The real reason I carried my camera to work was to take pictures of softball. Not only did I not manage to get a single softball picture, but the last two games were so depressing that they wouldn't be worth posting/mentioning if I did. Let's all just hope for a nice fat win for our last game this Thursday.

this blog will never be the same now that i have co-post privileges...


My Everyday Details Pictures, most of which are not really details but funny things I saw and decided to take pictures of:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket How does one get into this line of work? Can you get a degree in it? Vocational school training? We owned a turtle once. It was a gift for my dad's birthday, and he named it Speed Bump. He was constantly shedding and smelled awful, but was sort of endearing in a pathetic way. One day my mom got tired of cleaning his cage and decided to release him at Potter's Marsh. In Alaska.

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I ordered lemonbutter crepes at IHOP. Apparently they are incredibly literal in their definition, because I got lemon on one half, and butter on the other. Still yummy though.

I love skywriting. I saw this in Australia and it cracked me up. One time in Arizona my office noticed that something was being written above Tempe Town Lake, but we could only make out part of it. So I played super sleuth and called a friend who worked in the direction of the part we couldn't see, and voila! We had a complete skywriting message. This story would be a lot more entertaining if I could remember the message, but all I know is that it was a happy birthday to Muhammad Ali.

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Old people are awesome. Especially when they fall asleep in funny places, like at Goodwill. I hope I'm that cool when I'm his age.

p.s. Go Adrienne's softball team!!!


  1. i wish i could post pictures in my comment, because i would post the one of a sign i saw right before i left tempe that said "I buy/sell tortoises." i think it would fit in. actually, i have a lot of pictures that would fit in this post. i should have co-post privileges.

  2. i love that whatever i ask for on this blog i get. it's like the magic wishing blog. may i please have a hot boy?

    now i'll go see if i can actually figure out how to post them...

  3. well that was fun. too bad the preview does not actually show you what it's going to look like. picture layouts are hard!

  4. Sarah has co post priveleges?? I am jealous! Anyway you people take pictures of funny things. Although I am taking a page out of Adrienne's book and taking more pictures of flowers.

  5. LOL, Hannah you can have co-posting priveliges too if you want them. Sarah, I think you should create a whole new post when you write things, then tag it.

  6. i probably will not actually post very often. i just wanted to contribute some fun pictures to this particular post. if i'm motivated enough to write whole posts, perhaps i will just start my own blog!


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