Sunday, August 5, 2007

Reach for the Top

Here are some pictures from this weekend. Mostly climbing, with a random assortment of things I saw or noticed.

This was a nice weekend. Friday, Scott and I went out with friends from his lab namely Kenway, Maggie and Eric De Witt (not to be confused with Eric Bryant) for Pizza. I happened to have a bottle of wine with me from an event that I worked earlier in the week, so we enjoyed that as we watched a crazy squirrel steal a huge slice from the trashcan. This particular pizza joint had a back garden where we sat and watched the squirrel try to keep the slice which was bigger than him, away from the competing pigeons. I think he also may have been frightened by the various camera wielders coming at him from every direction. Sorry to say the best shot I could get to share with you all is the tip of his tail as he runs away with the pizza. Perhaps Eric got a better picture. After that we went out to a few other places and eventually made our way over to Sky and Anna's new apartment, which was fantastic. I'm very excited for them to have a little more space in the new place. They also generously gave us their leather couch and large Sony TV, so we've upgraded our furniture a little and I no longer have to explain to people that I can't afford a Sony TV even if I work there. I'm still not sure if our house has room for the couch. But it may get to stay for a little longer.

Saturday we met up with Brian and Kenway to go climbing at a rock gym. I'd gone before with my roommate at the time Valerie, but only once or twice. Kenway was a great teacher, very patient and thorough. You could tell he put safety first, which I would guess anyone would appreciate in a climbing partner. You don't want to slip and find at the last moment that someone didn't tighten a strap or double back on a halter. He also belayed for us all, which was good since I didn't feel confident enough to do any belaying, and I didn't really want to take the time to get "certified." If I go again I probably will, but I hear they're closing for renovations soon so it may be awhile. If I ever get good enough it would be fun to go climbing out in the wilderness. I climbed some easy routes, and almost make it to the top on others. Scott seemed to have a slight (read huge) advantage with his massive reach. Maybe someday I'll grow up and have long arms too. It was a lot of fun though my forearms are sore today and I'm minus a decent sized chunk of skin. I now sport evidence of having played softball and gone climbing, perhaps if I get a paper cut tomorrow anyone looking at me can determine every activity I've done for the week by my small injuries. I think if I were slightly more graceful I would have fewer injuries. But I can honestly say no one has ever suggested I change my middle name to anything remotely resembling Grace.


  1. I think you and I should both change our middle names to Grace and then book ourselves as a sideshow act of the Clumsiest Women on Earth. After my building/moving of my desk & bookshelf this weekend, I'm about 87% bruise and 13% non-bruise.

  2. Thanks for the pics! I love the squirrel capture; sort of like the Loch Ness Monster in that 'almost caught it' quality.

  3. Happy to share Brian. Thanks for the comments. hehe they don't use the word squirrelly for no reason. Though I'm not sure that's how you spell it.


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