Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mile High Mosey

Yes, I have been on quite the spending spree lately. With no wedding to pay for I have to keep my bank account low somehow. So I've purchased tickets to go see Sarah at her new Denver Diggs over Labor Day weekend. I feel a little silly, but it will be the first extended time I spend away from my new husband, and it makes me kind of sad to think that we'll be so far away from eachother. But I am really excited to get to see Sarah and Denver! Sarah recommended this site to check for tickets and it worked pretty well. It showed me some flights that expedia didn't, and I was able to get one that was just perfect. Hurray for non-stop flights that get you there in half the time! Of course I don't think I will consider any flight long after our trip to Vietnam. Trivia for the day, (Scott and Sarah you can't answer) what is the only country with a name that starts with the letter "O"? I'm off to girls night with the soccer girls, though it's raining and one of the coldest days on record ever for NYC in August. The high was only 59! Blech, I wish I was in AZ where the 100 + weather would keep me warm :)


  1. You are correct! Good job. You get 10 points. The question will be tougher next time.

  2. I was proud of myself for that...didn't even have to look it up :)

  3. Mike says he is stealing our Alphabet trip idea!! Strike One :(.

  4. Oh I meant to tell you! It's not really a blog per se, but Melissa is a columnist for the State Press now. She's pretty entertaining if you want to read her articles online.


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