Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lazy Weekend

Hmm not much action in this corner. Friday I went out with the softball team to celebrate our season ending. Volleyball will be starting up soon, so stay tuned for exciting game results there. At least we have a volleyball championship under our belt and we don't have to count total wins in all of the years we've played to come up with a decent number like we do for softball. I'm loving Hannah's baby pictures on her blog, especially now that her computer virus is gone. Lucky she has tech man Ryan there. My computer would probably just crash and burn, which makes me realize that I really should back up my files before all my precious pictures get eaten by a worm some day. How is that done again? Don't you have to have a disk or thumb drive of some kind. I guess I could burn it to a CD. I'm just being lazy. I also have most of the thank you cards from the wedding written, with Scott's help. Actually they've been written for a long time now. But I have some mental block against actually putting things in the mail. I have a lot of stuff in my house that is for a lot of other people, it just never gets to them until they come to me. Maybe it's a sneaky strategy. Anyway, your trivia question for the day is this. What major motion picture's title uses the same font as Sony's Play Station 3? The winner gets some great prize that I'll put in the mail....


  1. I already guessed it correctly (second guess!) so I probably can't compete.

  2. Spiderman III? Chris wants to know if you'll be sending him a playstation 3 in the mail? ;)


  3. Ding ding ding! You are correct. I think a playstation 3 would cost more to mail than it does itself. Those things are dang heavy. Haha, besides I know from experience at least with a PS2, Tammie you don't want one of those in your house. you'd never see your husband again :)

  4. YAY! :)
    Chris already has XBOX and he used to have a PS2 until it got stolen! (He was sooo bummed) But he's been bugging me for a new one. His excuse? "There's some games I can't play on the XBOX that I can play on the PS3!" darn! ;)


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