Monday, August 27, 2007

Numbers Mish Mash

So I was excited to write a count down post to my 100th absolutely unique visitor. I use Google Analytics to see who where when and how many of you visit this blog. It's reverse blog stalking. Anyway, I just click on the visitors tab and it gives a number for "absolue unique visitors. I checked the other day and it was at 91, I was thinking oh man here comes 100. Then I checked again and it was at 87. Hmm, so then I clicked on the words "absolute unique visitors" and it gave me an entirely different number. 215! I always thought it was just going to define "absolute unique visitors" for me, because I know those other numbers aren't daily, since I have a little chart that tells me that there are about 11 of you that read my blog when I post. So cheers to my 215th visitor whoever you were. I'm popular in Holland, but Chile and Sweden like to pop in occasionally as well. I guess you could say I enjoy international popularity, or worldwide distribution. Anyway, thanks for reading and most especially thanks for the comments. I feel like my photo taking has been a little stagnant lately, but I haven't seen anything too marvelous, and you've already seen all the flowers in my yard.

On the topic of records, I had a nearly record setting Saturday by trying to have Pinkberry, my favorite dessert, three times in one day. Yes, I know that's crazy and when I wonder why the scale might be going up I think that Pinkberry is probably the answer. Scott made me go the first time, as a good husband does. Then I was in the area with some friends who decided they had to introduce someone else to the lucious flavor, so I shared a second serving. Then, Scott decided that he'd like some more and we were with Kenway who encouraged our bad behavior. Luckily the Pinkberry we tried to go to isn't quite open yet. It's new to the neighborhood we were in. Instead we went to the Peanut Butter and Jelly restaurant where they do indeed sell all kinds of PB&J sandwiches and shakes. I just looked at all the types of Peanute Butter for sale. One of these days I'll have to try their spicy peanut butter. That sounds like it's right up my alley. If no one gets the trivia question right by my next post I'm going to have to just tell you all, and that would be sad since no one has even guessed yet.
Ahh I found a photo. This is one I took while sitting and observing the line out the door of pinkberry in the park across the street. Honestly I was just waiting for friends, not stalking the store. I may be crazy, but I'm not that crazy. This lady was really enjoying the sun.


  1. Interesting numbers...I really want to track the info and hits on our website too, but I would feel like a big bad hypocrite for wanting the same info that I won't give. I visit your website several times a day if that helps :)

  2. You could do it easy! I would also forgive you for being a hypocrite.


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