Thursday, August 9, 2007

Narcissistic to the 8th Degree

This does feel very narcissistic. Toward number 8 I was ready to pass on the whole thing. Chris Billey of Largo Photography, (best photographers ever) dragged me into this, and I went along. So here goes, 8 facts about me.
  1. I have lived/worked in almost every “New” state. New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York I am considering moving to New Hampshire to be able to claim this trivia.
  2. I have walked Manhattan from tip to tip. That’s 14 miles from 220th st to battery park, for non-New Yorkers Battery Park is at about negative 20th street.
  3. I once won $20,000 in a lottery drawing that I entered in the mall in Farmington. I used the money to pay for college.
  4. I’m not very athletic or coordinated, but I’m competitive and I love to play sports. I’ve played soccer, softball, t-ball, water polo, mud volleyball, indoor volleyball, kickball dodgeball, Chinese jumprope, and considered taking up rugby. For 7 out of those 9 sports I was actually on a team or in a tournament, not just playing on the playground.
  5. I won the title of New Mexico State Vocabulary Champion one year. (Yes they actually do have serious competitions for that. I never said I wasn’t a geek.)
  6. When I go back and visit my high school or see people who went to school with me, they all recognize me because I was the “Scorp TV” anchor woman, which meant I was on TV in their class every morning with announcements. I eventually went to college and got a degree in Media Production / TV Journalism but after a few internships decided I’d rather do something else with my life.
  7. A very rough estimate of the number of community service hours I’ve done in my life is about 500. Though I’m thinking it could even be close to a 1000. My favorite orgs are Camp Sparky, which I ran at one point, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  8. I don’t like chocolate


  1. Saying you don't like chocolate is just a touch too subtle isn't it? I mean, you Really Don't Like chocolate...

  2. You make it sound like I shudder at the thought of it. I just don't like to eat it very much. I put it on a level with brussel sprouts.

  3. mmm...brussel sprouts.

    i'd put more on my level for seafood or eggs.


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