Saturday, September 29, 2007

5k - My First Race

I was in my very first "race" today. I put that in quotes because it was a 5k and I walked the first mile and slow jogged the last two. I also got a late start since I was waiting on my little. I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and my "little" and I sometimes find it hard to keep in touch. So I had hoped she was coming since she said she was, but we never got to confirm details, so once the race started we were standing there with our lovely sign waiting just in case my little or another person's little who was also MIA showed up. These kids are juniors in high school, so don't worry folks, I'm not waiting on a third grader to get themselves to the upper west side. It was a beautiful day, about 70 degrees and the race was along the water in a park so it was nice to get out and enjoy it. We all warmed up before the race. Mass calisthenics sure do look funny. Afterwards they had a lovely picnic for us and it was also part of Nickelodean's Day of Play so they had the slime truck out. Haha they played games to determine the winner, and the winner got to go sit on a seat to be slimed. Those kids acted like it was their life long dream to have that stuff ooze all over them. One girl in particular was extra excited and when the slime poured down on her it really drenched her. She didn't look quite as excited afterwards as she did before. I walked around the city some more afterwards because it was such a beautiful day, but unfortunately I couldn't find anyone available to hang out with so I headed home. On the way I saw one of the many street vendors with an exceptionally large pile of bananas. Usually they're 4 or 3 for a dollar so he must have gotten a particularly large shipment of bananas in. I can't wait until Scott comes back. The house is really just too empty, and I end up watching way too much tv. Haha the Nickelodean people announced their "Day of Play" as a day where kids get out and turn off the TV for 3 hours. I guess they didn't want their ratings to slump. Oh yeah, the girl in this picture is someone from my "little's" school. She was nice, and we were jogging partners. This is us at the finish line. I finished in just under 50 minutes. Not bad for walking the first mile, not having exercised in months and starting 10 minutes late.


  1. how fun! I just barely started exercising again and my lovely mother is a fanatic at marathons...she keeps bugging me to run with her in the PF Chang's Rock N Roll marathon. I still haven't given in though. :)

  2. Haha, well this run was fun because it was very uncompetitive. I'm not sure if I'd do well in something with more serious folks.


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