Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Atlantic Antic

Last Sunday I went to the Atlantic Antic street fair with my friend Jaclyn. We wandered the street looking at the random stalls. There was everything there from spices to postcards. We smelled some pretty delicious smells with key lime pie and pizza and barbeque all around. I tried some Greek spinach pie and feta spinach pockets. They were pretty tasty. There were also musicians every once in awhile and we'd usually stop and watch them for a song before wandering on. The musicians ranged from drum lines to belly-dancing music to old man band to female singer with Rap man mixed in. The last one was the most eccentric. Her keyboard player's dance moves were really hilarious. I tried to capture them for you all to see, but I don't have a lot of practice with the still camera's video function so forgive the quality.
But he went from jumping up and down to jogging in place. Then we were listening to a song and I thought I caught the words "ice tea" Then I realized that was all the lady was singing over and over, trying to sell some iced tea. I finally made a purchase of some 100% Shea butter, it looked very interesting and the vendor guy just hacked me off a cake of the stuff. Afterwards when we were tired of the crowds we headed back into the city and got some Pinkberry, because you know I can't resist introducing new people to my favorite dessert. Another Volleyball game on Tuesday. Let's just say that the highlight was when I got to hold someone's baby. So cute! I don't think I need to talk about the score.

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