Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Keep on Moving

I know it's been awhile, but the last week has been a little busy. On Thursday I coordinated a trip to the Liberty Science Center It is here in New Jersey near Scott and I, but we went for work because they just recently upgraded their space. Since we're in the process of doing the same thing we decided to see how their project went. It was a fantastic place with over 200,000 square feet of science based exhibits. You could spend an entire day there and still not see everything. Then I tried to rush back to the office since I was coordinating a surprise joint wedding shower for a couple of my coworkers and I still had a to get the cake and make the centerpieces. That was thwarted by a driver who was totally lost and showed up half an hour after the other car. Oh well, I managed to buy flowers and make a centerpiece and get everything together just in time. I did learn that flower arranging isn't nearly as easy as it looks, and I was quite proud of the outcome, but glad I decided not to do my own wedding flowers. That afternoon Scott and I told our friend Kevin, who lives in Brooklyn, that we'd help him move, so I got home as fast as I could and found another friend Eric pulled up to our house unloading some items. At first I thought some new person was moving into the neighborhood when I saw the U-Haul, then I recognised Eric and vaguely recalled Scott saying something about him staying with us at the end of the month. So we got some of his stuff loaded into the house and got the U-haul turned around on our dead end street and he went on his way to go help his sister move. Eric stayed with us over the weekend since he had a little time between moving out of his place and moving to Germany! Anyway, Scott showed up and we got Kevin moved to his new place which wasn't too far from his old one. My little car has now moved two mattress sets. It was a good thing I had a short Friday, since I was pretty tired from Thursday. My boss let me go early so I grabbed some lunch with Scott and the folks from his lab. We had some tasty burgers and checked out the bathrooms. Not because the food was bad, because they were interesting. You went upstairs and there was no door, it was just a wall of stalls with clear glass doors so you could see the toilets. The only difference between male and female rooms was the color of light inside. When you step inside and lock the door, the clear glass turns opaque and you can pee in privacy. A nifty little trick. That night I packed up and got ready to head to Denver to see Sarah! I'll tell all of my Denver adventures in the next post. For now I've got to go say hello to my man.


  1. "say hello" that what you call it nowadays?

    also, can we please install the cool toilets in your dream house that i'm designing? i think they'd fit with your water wall.

  2. Yes Sarah, anything you say except not really. But you can have the cool toilets for your house.


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