Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Denver Day 1.

A direct flight can be a wonderful thing. Except when some small child is pounding the back of your seat so insistently and so hard that the person sitting two seats over from you turns around and has to tell them to stop. I didn't say anything myself because of what preceded the kicking. When I got on the plane I heard the flight attendants whispering about where to move some people and how to shift them, so when two teen girls and their mom walked up and saw that one of their seats was gone, I knew there'd be trouble. The teen girls just said, hey no problem we'll just take the three across the aisle and we can all sit together. The mom said, no way. I am getting the seat that I selected. So she complained to the stewardess and the explanation she got was that the family of four doesn't speak English and they were individually spread throughout the plane so they wanted to put them together, especially since they had two small children. The woman wouldn't let it go though, she had an aisle seat, but it wasn't THAT aisle seat. She got to the point where she stood up in the aisle and argued about it. So they moved her away from her daughters to some other aisle seat. 2 hours into the flight the attendant comes up to the family with two small children and says that they have to move. The woman hasn't stopped complaining about how she needs her seat back. So the poor family gets up and moves, and I never saw the complaining lady come up to sit in her rightful seat. It did end the kicking though :) I arrived in Denver and Sarah came to pick me up so we could grab an early lunch at a tasty Mexican food place. Thankfully Denver has green chile, a food you can't get on the east coast. There were even green chile stands all over the place with fresh New Mexico green chile being roasted. Next to the green chile stand were some sunglasessssez stands. I think they never quite spelled it like that, but they did spell it at least three different ways. That night Sarah and I went out for Margaritas and sat out on the patio just people watching. It was pretty entertaining when some person reached toward the top of the fountain and suddenly was knocking off an entire level with the top bowl falling over and pouring into the lap of whoever was sitting next to the fountain. We called it an early night since the next day we had plans to get up and go hiking.

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  1. Sounds like your having a good time. Stay away from the fountain :)


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