Sunday, September 9, 2007

Denver Day 2, 3 and 4

Last Sunday morning Sarah and I awoke bright and early to go meet Mike aka man for a hike in Denver's lovely mountains. When we got to the appointed parking lot and found it completely full because that's what every other person does on Labor Day weekend in Denver we decided to try going a littl further. We ended up parking near the Buffalo. For those of you who haven't been to Denver, they have a herd of Bison hanging out by the highway. I forget the point of them, perhaps it's a preserve or some such thing. I just remember always seeing them as a kid and they're still there now, so if they're there to make Buffalo burgers they haven't all been eaten yet. So we consolodated cars and hopped in with Mike and Wilson (Mike's West Highland Terrier) and went up Mt. Macy.. Marcy? Some mountain with an M I think. We parked and headed up a trail, only to find that it was just the one that went around the lake. I think we were trying for a more strenuous hike, so we decided to blaze our own trail. With the combination of our concern for Wilson's hiking ability and my guilt at going off the trail after having seen a large billboard admonishing me to "Stay on the Trail." We didn't hike for very long before turning around. The sights were quite lovely of course, the usual mountain scenery. I was trying out a new camera that wasn't digital so you can't all enjoy them just yet. I'll probably develop them and get digital copies made so if they're good you can see them later. Back down the mountain we went and considered stopping for Pizza as planned, but we all ate some power bars before our not so strenous hike and weren't very hungry, so we just headed home. I forget what we did then, Sarah did we go shopping? I think we bought some peaches I'm not sure what else but eventually invited Mike over for some non-existent stakes poker and a Dairy Queen run.
Monday, Sarah had to do her fantasy football draft picks so she showed me around her office and did that while I looked online for a hair salon. Since I couldn't find a place willing to cut my hair we went over to Taste of Colorado and sampled the wares of different booths. The way it works is you buy tickets and then you can redeem them for a "taste" or a full portion depending on how many tickets you want to spend. I tried some pasta and barbeque and corn on the cob. There were also a lot of freebie things that Sarah and I tried out. After we watched an icecream eating contest we got some free icecream and topped it off with a fruit kabob and some kettle korn for dessert. It was a very hot day, and we both got a little sunburned but I was alright with that since seeing the sun feels like a novelty these days. We walked back to Sarah's car and tried to find a salon again with no luck so we went home and made peach cobbler.
Tuesday morning we headed for the airport at the crack of dawn and saw the sun rise over the Denver airport. I still think that place looks more like a group of teepees than the mountains it's trying to imitate. Not much happened on the way home. The bus took forever and it took me nearly as long to go 10 miles as it did to go 1000 miles, but what can you do?

p.s. I wrote this yesterday, but waited to post it since Picassa was being weird and I didn't want to have to upload each picture individually. Picassa is still being strange so I'm just posting it minus a few pictures.


  1. It was Mt. Evans. Nice try though. I think after hiking we just went home and then had pizza for dinner. At some point in there we watched the marathon of Damages, but I think that was Monday evening. Hooray for a good trip! Miss you already.

    Scott, hurry up and get your PhD already so I can put my master plan into action and reunite you two, Hannah & Oliver, and me in one state. Readyyyyyyy, go.

  2. Yeah! Let's all live in Denver by 2009...whaddya think?

  3. Well, I'll see what I can do.

    Also, Adrienne, is Picasa fixed yet? Post some pictures!

  4. I like Denver. Picasa is apparently fine. My computer is just retarded.

  5. aww, i love you guys. think of what happy family dinners we could all have together.


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