Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lovely Ladies

The first lovely lady of the night was one I met on the train. She and I struck up a conversation so I was entertained on my trip into the city. She was a funny girl from Washington DC headed into the city for a fall party. She said her flowy top and brown pants were what she wore to look like a leaf. After that I met up with Anna and two other girls who were visiting from London. The four of us made quite the group, and we were excited to join the bachelorette party at a place called Lips. The Londoners said that in the UK bachelorette parties are called Hen Parties and the Bachelor party is called a Stag party and that guys go around using their hands/fingers to create antlers and making stag noises, whatever they are. So we got to Lips and were greeted by a lovely "lady" who let us look around for our party. We were already half an hour late so we were surprised not to see anyone there. Finally we figured out whose name the reservation was under and found out that they had cancelled it. We couldn't get ahold of anyone who we were supposed to meet up with so we decided to stay for the show anyway. The Londoners said they didn't have drag shows in their country so we showed them a good time. There were four other bachelorette parties there and when we introduced ourselves we got to say that we were supposed to be a fifth but got stood up. The show was enjoyable with the men/women singing and dancing for us. Afterwards one woman came around and made us balloon handcuffs and toys,she filled the baloons from her bra and one of the brides got a strip show right in front of our table. It was quite entertaining. We met up with Sky and another ASU friend who was visiting with her mom and we all went to Sushi Samba. In the UK I guess the thing is that there are a lot of Salsa clubs so people really know how to dance. Sushi Samba is more of a restaurant but they had a DJ there and the music was great so we decided we'd turn it into more of a dancing place. At one point I felt like I was in a scene from a movie when one of the English girls started dancing with a guy from some other table. They really knew how to dance! I bet they could have been on dancing with the stars! The whole restaurant just watched them spin and dance in amazement. All the waitstaff just came over to watch and clap along. It was a very nice time. I left and came back at one point to see my friends all staring at someone's camera and caught them in the act with my camera. Then the people sitting across from us were giving us an entertaining make-out show and I happened to capture our group watching them. It was a great night out despite being stood up.

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