Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Volley Bug

It's the start of volleyball season and we played our first regular season game. It doesn't look like we're headed for the championship just yet, but you never know, we may gain some momentum as the season goes on. Scott came and spectated and walked me home. He's our biggest fan. When we got home there was a very large Praying Mantis on the door. Probably almost as big as my hand. I used to love bugs like these when I was a kid. Though in New Mexico they didn't grow nearly as large. I see bugs like this that make me think of my high school biology mandatory bug collection. If I'd had an East Coast relative I could have scored extra points for extra big bugs. Instead our freezer was just full of little bugs. Haha I wasn't the best at killing them though, I wouldn't do the cotton ball with alcohol because they always got stuck to the cotton. I'd just stick them in the freezer. Once I caught a bumble bee and put it in the freezer. When I took it out again it came back to life! Who knew hibernation worked so well?

Trivia for the day: Honey was early man's first sweetener and it was so valued that it could be used to pay taxes in some cultures. (But honeybees don't hibernate, they just stick close together for warmth.)


  1. One of the bugs in my bug collection deflated like a punctured volleyball!

  2. That's an impressive comment Matthew. Combining both of my blog topics into a one sentence comment. A+.


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