Wednesday, September 26, 2007


In our relationship Scott often cooks and cleans while I change tires or teach him how to do handy things. One of those talents is spackling. If you've ever spackled you'll know that it's really not that tough, so Scott caught on pretty quickly. Our place has needed some spackle for awhile since when our TV and couch came up the stairs they took a little of the freshly painted stairwell wall with them. Oh man, so now we have to paint. I'm really hoping that the leftover paint in the basement covers the spots perfectly and we don't end up painting the entire hallway. It's a good thing I had Scott doing his manly chores today, he's going to be in Massachusetts for the rest of the week. I'll miss him, but I get to take a Massachusetts trip the second week of October and I'm super excited to go see cranberry bogs and Salem at Haloween time.


  1. I wanna go :(. When are we reunioning in Chicago?

  2. You can come! We can reunion whenever we manage to find out when Ms. Joyanne is there. As it is I can't even get her on the phone.


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