Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tap Tap Thump

Tap Tap Thump, Tap Tap Thump... What's that you ask? Why it's the three legged monster otherwise known as Scott. Sure last anyone saw him he had only two legs, but these days he walks with a cane. It's like that riddle,(What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?) only Scott has managed to get to the sunset too soon. Apparently the rough and tumble streets of New York can really get to you if you're not careful. Especially those crazy planters where the sidewalk ends and dirt begins so that trees can grow. Those dips and holes will just reach out and grab your ankle if you're not careful. I would use a lot of words to describe Scott, but careful isn't one of them. So it's no surprise really that he twisted and possibly broke his ankle. He had it X-Rayed this morning and they said there's a bone fragment floating around in there, but it could be from a previous injury. (Like I said careful he's not.) Anyway, now I have a gimpy boy who walks around with a cane. The people on the street give him kind of funny looks, like he's playing a joke on them. Why would a healthy looking young man walk so slowly with a cane? Hopefully he gets better soon, because NYC is not a friendly place for partially abled people.
I always wondered what happened to someone when they break their leg in the city. Everyone uses the subway, which have an escalator if you're lucky a broken escalator if you're not and every blue moon there's an elevator around. Those stairs aren't short either. Then of course you have to get from the subway to wherever you're going which is usually at least a block away if not quite a bit more. If you try to drive, parking is still going to be a pretty good walk away from wherever you're headed. I guess you can try taking a cab, but paying $10 every time you want to go a few blocks can certainly add up. We have a 15 minute walk up the hill just to get to our train. At his current rate of speed that will be an hour long walk, and then he's got a 10 minute walk on the other end. I want to help him out, but I do remember one time a few years ago when he tried to hop on my back to have me carry him, needless to say I crumpled to the ground. I don't think I'll be able to help much except to be his servant while he's on the couch. He tells me he's a fast healer, so I guess we'll just have to count on that.
Your trivia for the day is that when we blush, our stomach lining goes red too.


  1. I'm the same way, sooooo accident prone. I'll be careful when I come out to NY next month for a workshop I'm going to. I will be the one walking down the sidewalk talking to myself saying sidewalk, sidewalk planter. Sh**!!!!

  2. Heh, While a part of me feels bad for laughing at poor broken is kinda funny. The image of the "tap tap thump" Am I one of those mean people who laughs when people fall? damn I guess I am.


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