Tuesday, September 18, 2007

6 Photographers, 2 Cameras, and 3 Deer

Last Sunday Scott and I went for a nice 5 mile hike at South Mountain New Jersey. We happened upon a Civil War Monument, where apparently Washington used to survey the land. I'm not sure what he saw from there back then, maybe he was really just enjoying the view. Here is Scott showing us how it's done. We were supposed to see three waterfalls, but only one had any water. It was nice, though when we finally got there about 3.5 or 4 miles later we came upon groups of people who had just walked down the stairs next to the falls from their cars. I felt like that was cheating. The next waterfall I hike to is going to be way out in the wilderness where everyone will have to hike at least as much as I did to get there. I picked up the pictures today that were from a film SLR camera that our friend Eric gave me. Eric is the tall 6'7" gentleman who was at our wedding for those of you who might want to put a face with the name. He's also shown in this picture, though he looks different now since this picture is from at least 3 years ago. There are definitely good and bad things about film. For one, there's the excitement of developing a long lost roll of film and finding treasures from the past like this one, from when Scott still had that silly face piercing. But thank goodness for digital, since I get to share these all instantly with you through the magic of a photo CD. It's funny that Eric handed me his camera and the pictures that happened to be in it included him and Scott, nicely appropriate. Eric is living in Germany now, Hello Eric if you read this! I think you're not supposed to let film get quite so old since some of these pictures are a little grainy, then again it could have been the operator, who knows. The only picture that came out really clear was one that Sarah took. It's a classic. The boy in the picture is Wilson, hahaha sorry Sarah. Wilson is actually the dog. The MAN in the picture is Mike. Mike is an acquaintance of Sarah's through, thus all the sarcasm and poking fun. If that didn't come through when you read the last few sentences, it was there, I promise.
Anyway, in a last bit of interesting picture news, which I don't talk about nearly often enough given my blog title, check out this site if you're ever bored - . It plays through pictures that are being uploaded to blogger. It's a fun way to blog stalk and see a random assortment of pictures. It's fun to see the world through everyone else's eyes.
P.S. The title references how many photographers and cameras were involved in the pictures above, as well as the 3 deer we saw on our hike. I felt like the chipmunks and squirrels weren't title worthy.


  1. Hehe I like finding old rolls of film and seeing what is on them..a present to myself I guess.

  2. I have a film SLR camera that I get out about once a year and take a few pictures with. I figure in about a decade I'll get it developed it will be ever so exciting!


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