Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Will

So I donated my scarf to Good Will today. I suppose it was a bartering situation, because I came out with a trench coat. I was talking on the phone to Sarah while I shopped and I went into the dressing room to try on some skirts over my clothes and took off my coat and scarf to do so. Luckily I decided to try something else on later, and when I did I saw a strangely familiar coat hanging on the rack to be restocked. I felt like a thief as a grabbed the coat off the wrack and looked around me as I slipped my arms back into the sleeves. I checked the pockets for good measure, there was the reassuring jingle of the many discarded pennies that I pick up walking to and from the train. I looked around for my scarf, which is really more of a shawl. My dad bought it for me last time he was in town. It was our China town purchase. No green patterned scarf was in the area. I can only assume that some thrifty shopper knew a quality scarf when they saw one and bought it. Either that or someone returned it to the scarf section, but I have absolutely no idea where that may have been. So I walked to the line with my purchase in hand. I'd decided to splurge for my Halloween costume and get the $20.00 trench coat. Everything turned out for the best though because the person at the register rang it up for $11.99. Hopefully they get some of my discount back when they sell my unwittingly donated scarf. I've been working on a theme. For the moment my theme is sleeping in public. Or maybe just sleeping on the train. Argh, I can't seem to access Picasa right now. Sometimes my computer thinks it needs to save me from too many things. Well I can't post photos. I know there are some duplicates in there, but I can't get into it to delete them. I'll try to ammend this post when I get a chance.

Ok Here are the Pictures..
I'm proud of the last one.


  1. If I lived somewhere that I took public transportation, you would definitely catch me looking like those people. My parents used to drive me around to make me fall asleep, and I think I got hooked. If I'm not driving, I'm probably sleeping. Planes, trains, automobiles, etc. I'm definitely a public sleeper.

  2. He, care to add some vintage pics of sleeping on a train? I think I could dig a few up, hehe.

    They look great though, it's a very interesting theme.

  3. you should be proud of the last one. great shot! :)


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