Monday, October 29, 2007

Photo Class

Sometimes I get so distracted taking pictures that I have no time to share them. So I've had my first and second photography classes since my last post. They went pretty well. I wasn't thrilled with the pictures I took Saturday, but they weren't too badly critiqued by the instructor tonight. I'm learning more about how to really use my camera which is good, and now that it's back all fixed and functional it's great! On Saturday it was raining and we walked around Bryant Park, which is a very pretty park for being so small. Holding the umbrella and shooting was a fun trick, and I really need to get a filter so my lens is protected from raindrops etc. I feel like I've been going non-stop lately. Saturday after class Scott and I met up with Sky and Anna for dinner and then they dressed up to go out to a party that I had to skip since I worked WonderWeen on Sunday. WonderWeen is our annual Halloween party for the little ones. We have crafts, face painting, goody bags and movies for the little ones. I just love seeing their costumes. Soo adorable. Phew, well I've been carrying my camera more and Wednesday is the Halloween parade, but that's always a tough shoot since it's dark and there are a lot of people moving. I'm definitely enjoying my class though and I really hope to improve by the end. I also have to come up with a "project" for my class. He wants us to come up with a body of work that we can have as a result of the class, so I need a theme of some sort. I've been tossing around ideas like decay, sunglasses, glasses, maybe even just choosing a color. Any suggestions?
Trivia for the day: The first Jack-O-Lantern was carved out of a turnip. They say it was givin to some guy named Jack with a burning coal in it when he was tossed out of hell for playing too many tricks. Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. I knew that trivia the dude was known as Jack o' the lantern, which became condensed. People used to hang the carved turnips from their windows to scare him away. thank you history channel) gimme a new one!

  2. Alright, fine, you can criticize my trivia. Here's some creepy trivia that isn't super Halloween-y just a little icky. Replacement trivia for the day: In about 1 in 4 autopsies, a major disease is discovered that was previously undetected.

  3. I wasn't criticizing just proud of myself :)

    And yes the new one is icky...

  4. the still shot and the city view, and of course the image of scott. :) I miss photography class. :(


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