Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Babysitter Diaries

I've never read The Nanny Diaries or seen the movie, but I can certainly see where these things come from. I work for a babysitters club type agency that I can get jobs with whenever I want some extra money called Pinch Sitters. This has me going into wealthy people's homes to take care of their children, who are usually very sweet. It's just astounding to think of how much money these people have. I'm guessing it's pretty hard not to have a warped perspective on life when you have so much, but most people I've met have been very nice. One house I visited was a brownstone just around the corner from Washington Square Park. This place was 5-6 stories high, and beautiful. It was all one house, but it could have easily been 4-5 apartments. If we're talking NYC apartments then it could have been 12 apartments. Anyway, I'm guessing that place probably cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Sometimes these things are hard to wrap my head around. Especially when I'm hoping for a tip at the end of the night and they ask for their $5 change back. I suppose I understand, $5 is a lot of money to me, but to them it's not. Sometimes I get excellent tips and sometimes the people don't quite pay me everything and I have to tell them so. Ugh, things like that make me so uncomfortable that I'd rather take a pay cut than say anything. Not that tipping is mandatory, but I do put in extra work and create crafts and activities to bring with me and work to play with the kids and teach them something and convince them not to watch TV. I'm not saying that I'm not well off, I really am and I very much appreciate that I am able to live the way I do. I'm just amazed at the lifestyle some people have. Scott always tips waiters well because he was one for so long. Now I'll always know to tip the babysitter!

Oh yeah, and I got my camera back all fixed!! Just in time for my first class Saturday. SOOOO Exciting.


  1. What happened to your camera? Well Its important that its fixed, cuz now we get to see where you're going!!

    Rich People ugh! I wish I was one of them.

    Oh wasn't I suppose to get something in the mail for the Sony/Spiderman Thing?? Miss ya guys!!

  2. Chris, you will get your stuff, I promise. I hear you may come visit NYC some day!


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