Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today was the annual Health Fair at work. I go every year and have things checked out. I think I must use it in place of an annual doctor's visit, because I definitely get ever get a check-up. So even though I have a slight cold at the moment (Thanks Scott) I went on over to the fair. They gave me a semi-nice Sony backpack type bag thing, and some candy. I also got a massage which was pretty nice, and some information from all our insurance providers. Oh the exciting life of adults. Anyway, I was proud because this year when I got all my levels back I was finally in the "Average Risk" category as opposed to the "High Risk" category for HDL which is the good cholesterol. The past two years my HDL has been too low and the only way I can raise it apparently is through exercise. I still do my same walk to and from work and up the stairs at the subway station every day with a few team sports mixed in, the same as always. In general it looks like I should probably still exercise more to reach "Optimal" levels in all the categories. Maybe I should let Scott drag me to the gym more often. I am not a big fan of places like that, but apparently it's good for you. Go figure. Your body trivia for today is - You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television. Great! I think I'll take more naps.

P.S. I found a mosquito flying in my office today. Further proof that they're out to get me. That mosquito would have had to go through at least 5 doors to get in, there are no windows in my office or anywhere in the building that open to the outside.

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  1. don;t worry come hang out next to me and the mosquitoes will leave you alone. I got 8 bites in one (cool) evening when there were no mosquitoes to be found.


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