Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Art Forms

Fall isn't quite in the air with our 80 degree heat, but I think my internal clock knows that I'll be hunkering down for winter soon because I'm feeling crafty. I've always loved creating things and the other day when I was blog hopping/stalking off Tammie and Chris's blog over to a friend of thiers named Raya who has some crafty ideas and a great sense of style. She turned me on to the idea of something called a Gocco printer, which is kind of like a screen printer only more portable. I also found out about a group called Etsy which is a website which sells homemade crafts. Now I totally know where I'm doing Christmas shopping, so people who want to be surprised don't look, and people who are particular, let me know what you like :) The best part of all this Blog/website surfing is that I found out that there is a place called Esty Labs in Brooklyn, a crafting space that I can visit. They even have Gocco classes, though unfortunately I have a different class the day they offer it. But I'm super excited to get back into crafting and making things. Who knows, maybe I'll start selling things on Etsy. Anyway, I'm excited to try to find a Monday night when I can go check it all out. I think Etsy Labs even has a little photo studio set up. I can't wait to start creating. Signing off with a quote... "I always think I don't do the first one good, so I try to do it more." - Andy Warhol. Apparently Andy and I have a lot in common :)


  1. oh you've totally just got me hooked on a new site. if i wasn't broke before, i will be now. thanks!

  2. Well don't go too broke. Tell me what you like and I'll at least save you some money by getting it for you for Christmas.

  3. Have you tried looking at the stuff on their site by color? What a cool app!

  4. Yes! I love swirling my mouse around on it. I'm such a kid.

  5. Etsy is referenced quite often on my baby forum. It's pretty cool though.


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