Saturday, October 6, 2007

Art Project

Nothing too exciting going on around here. I decided not to go out tonight to the rescheduled bachelorette party. This is the one that I didn't go to a few weeks ago when we were stood up. I've already seen the show and I don't think I need to pay to see it again. Anyway, I did take a picture of my beautiful project that I had the kiddies do last Thursday. Theirs came out almost as good as mine, which is impressive for 3-4 year olds. I also like to pat myself on the back when they manage to duplicate my level of artistry because that means I designed a program that they could actually do. Sometimes it's hard to gauge how nimble or slow to develop coordination these kids will be. I feel like I always end up guessing wrong. When I make things super simple a little bit older kids come and they're bored. When I make things a little more involved, kids who can barely hold a crayon come and they just let their babysitters do it. Even if only 3 kids came this time. They were just the right age, and I loved how their projects came out. I don't have pictures of theirs, but here's mine.

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