Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Perspective on Perfection

Just a quick update, I had class Monday night which went ok. The professor didn’t care for anyone in class’s disposable camera shots. Oh well, I tried. He also didn’t like my picture of sleeping in public with the guy lying in the train. He said it should be cropped closer. I argued that I liked being able to see that it was outside the train looking in and he said to get more train in the shot if that’s what I was going for. Oh well, he keeps saying we’re not “looking” and “seeing” I’m trying my darndest, but I guess I have to look harder. I must admit that I do occasionally make the mistake of centering my subject, which I should know better than to do. Of course he showed us a whole bunch of shots where his subject was in the center, and when I asked he said that we could do that when it looked right. Hah, it’s all so subjective anyway sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s a point where it’s a matter of perception and a matter of just plain needs to be better. With the guy on the train I can definitely see what he’s saying, and I’ll try more next time. I get to the point where I’m ready to just go take flower and tree pictures since he seems to like those, but it seems too easy. I know I can get a shot of something that just sits there. I want to try and perfect something more challenging. Maybe I should just throw in a few flower pics so he can see that I’m trying to move past them. He did like this shot,
From 11.3.07
which I knew he would, but I don’t really care for it that much. It’s tough when I’m editing my pictures to decide between looking with what I know is more to his taste or mine. Maybe I’ll try to stop being so stubborn and do things his way for awhile. I don’t want my “taste” to get in the way of learning.
Tonight we had a volleyball game, on the way there we saw a bake sale on the street by a school so myself and two teammates bought a pumpkin pie and ate it before the game. It must have worked as good fuel since we actually won all three sets! I wasn't at the top of my game, but it turned out all right, ending in a nail biter at the last set as the serve kept getting turned over at 14-14 (games go to 15). Phew, I tried taking a few shots but nothing turned out, I wasn't really concentrating on pictures as much as the game.

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