Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beavers in the Subway

I visited the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) education department today. It was very nice. Every time I go to a place like that I promise myself that I'll go to museums more often and take advantage of my proximity to cultural things while I live in the city. I just need a museum buddy, then it would be easier to convince myself to go. I'm definitely more motivated to go see photography exhibits at least. I did go out to dinner with a friend and a couple of her friends joined us. It was a place called Cafe Orlin, and it had some very good food. I hear they are an excellent place to go for brunch to get pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon yogurt. The whole New York City brunch scene is great, I should just have a brunch fund so I can go. Maybe I'll choose one place a month to treat myself to brunch and then I get to try different places, but it's not too much.
From 2007.11.07
I got to the place where I was supposed to meet Jaclyn for dinner a little early and so I had some time to take a few pictures. It was good practice for low light situations. The subway stations sometimes have some funny decor. This one had beavers all around.
From 2007.11.07
Anyone want to come visit me in NYC? We can go tour cultural sites and check out the art of the subway systems. I'm glad Scott gets back tonight from San Diego. It's a little lonely without my Man.
From 2007.11.07
Trivia for the day: Plaques of beavers are located on the walls of the Astor subway stop in honor of John Jacob Astor's fortune derived from the beaver-pelt trade. The plaques, as well as name tablets, were made by the Grueby Faience Company in 1904.

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