Thursday, November 8, 2007

Appreciating the Small Things

My sister Lauren got a job. It's at Hobby Lobby part time. If you've ever been to Hobby Lobby you know it's a crafter's dream. Similar to a Michael's store only twice as good. I hope she gets good discounts so I can craft more things.
Hmm I'm trying to think about things that I did today that would be interesting. Not too much happened. The only thing that came to mind when I was thinking about my day was the coordination of lunch plans. That's one thing I like about the group I work with, there are about 8 of us who will typically ask each other what we're doing for lunch, and depending on who's busy and who wants what we'll order something together or just grab food and go eat in one of the tables in our bay area overlooking the public atrium. So we sit and chat and people watch. It's a nice little lunchtime thing, that when I start thinking about it, I realize that probably most places you work things like that don't happen. Everyone just goes their own way.
Another happy thing, Scott got home early from work so he was here when I got home. It's nice not to come home to an empty house every once in awhile.
That's three things. I've tried to adopt the habit of naming three good things that happened to me every day before I go to bed. Sometimes Scott and I will share ours with eachother. It really is a good habit to get into. It helps you appreciate the small things and big things in life. It can also help when you think you've had a bad day, because there always seems to be at least three good things, no matter how miniscule.

Trivia about today: It is National X-Ray Day! Happy X-Rays everyone.


  1. Hmm... let's see.

    1) I came home to see you
    2) I came home to see you!
    3) I came home to see you!!!

    (If you want more comments, don't allow Anonymous comments, but get rid of that word verification thingy...)

  2. Is it really that hard to do word verification? My sister told me she wouldn't comment because she didn't have a user name and password, so I left anonymous on there, and I was getting a few spam type comments. I'll try changing it again if people really hate it.

  3. but you can just use google to comment, you don't have to have a blogger name and password. HA apparently I think the world revolves around google mail..who doesn't have a g-mail account :)Oh and your feed thingy is broken you have posted 3 blogs that I received NO notification of.

  4. Hmm my feed says it's alright, do you do RSS or blogarithm? Blogarithm has been sending me e-mails still.

  5. I use the RSS feed, the last e-mail I got was the NYC marathon. I am terribly disappointed, does this mean You're no longer enabling my lazy left-mouse-clicking finger. I have to go back to the old fashioned method of actually checking the website?


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