Sunday, November 11, 2007


Framing a Fall I had a nice quiet weekend hanging out with Scott. I had class on Saturday, and I somehow managed to lose a whole group of pictures. For some reason the pictures that I took in RAW format decided to dissapear. Of course all the other pictures showed up so I thought they were all on my computer and I formatted the memory card. I guess I'll just have to go re-shoot some things. Some of the pictures that I'll miss the most are of a group of firemen who were putting out a fire/ fixing something down in a manhole. They chatted with me and let me get real close and take all kinds of pictures. The guy down in the manhole even showed me his root canal and explained that he was down there in order to pay it off. At least I've got the story if not the images. The professor had us all draw a subject out of a hat and mine was "Red" which worked out well since I came upon an Elmo and of course many other red things, some of which are gone forever. Ado(red)
From 2007.11.10
I still hold out faint hope that I will find them hidden somewhere on my computer. We watched The Shining over at Sky and Anna's place on Saturday night. I think my recent theme made me really recognize the use of red in that film. Very freaky, and interesting. I'd never seen the whole thing. Today Scott was a good sport and went out on a walk with me to take some more pictures. I was trying to replace some of the ones that I'd lost. I'll have to make another trip to Times Square before I can really do that, which is a pain since daylight hours on the weeknights are tough to come by.
Trivia for the day: Central Park is 51 block or 843 acres, bigger than the country of Monaco.
From 2007.11.10


  1. your title reminded me of the gap campaign, they have all these shirts that say "bo(red)" "inspi(red)" etc. Olvier even got a onesie from there that says ado(red) of course all the clothing is red.

  2. Hannah's right (last post), I'm not getting any RSS feeds anymore either.

    Also, I think some of those pictures are really awesome. As a treat, I've made you some cookies. Enjoy!

  3. I love your little skater picture. Love love. Love some more.

  4. Alrighty, well I tried getting rid of the re-direct through feed-burner, We'll see if that works. If not I have no clue how to fix it. I'm so happy with all my comments! Hannah, I was inspi(red) by the Gap campaign for my title, I must admit to being unoriginal. Scott, thanks for the cookies. And Sarah, I love your pictures too!


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